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Bring your passion... (career and personal advice)

So many, many career and personal advice books, articles, etc tell you to find your passion.

Bullshit. Many people end up starving or barely eking out a sustainable existence by seeking their passion. Passion is good - it helps you be the best in your field, rise above the others. But if you've chosen a field that is dying, your passion will just leave you a rotting corpse.

Instead, bring your passion. Find ways to be engaged in the world around you - bring excitement to school, to work, to play. Passion is an energy, not just a fascination. 

People treat passion like it's seeking their one true love, a soulmate. "I just need to keep trying new things until I find something I truly love, and then I'll be happy", they say to themselves. That doesn't work. You end up bouncing from job to job, career to career, with no path, no plan and no narrative thread. Instead, find passion in what you're doing today. Bring your energy to the moment. This doesn't mean don't change jobs if you're miserable, but don't mistake misery for lack of passion. You have to make a choice to be engaged, be ready to go and bring your energy. Start by being happy and passionate about what you're working on, and the opportunities you want will start to find their way to you.

And passion alone is not enough. You need to bring your creative brain, your ability to organize and see the bigger picture, to learn in orthogonal ways. Bring all that it means to be human - your higher reasoning abilities as well as your human emotion. 

Stop seeking your passion. Bring it instead.

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