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The search...

You've worked hard. Achieved success - by whatever measure you determine is appropriate to you. Maybe you've climbed the corporate ladder. Have a beautiful wife and family. Have a million Instagram followers and get paid to fly to Ibiza.

Great. Now what?

After all, the trappings of success are just window dressing. What is the purpose? The fancy car, big house, dream job - what's it for?

After you achieve your success, tick that box in the bucket list, you'll find yourself asking - what's my purpose now? What next?

You can chase another success - run a marathon, travel the world, write a novel. But the search continues.

Purpose. Purpose isn't easy. It changes. You have to claw away at the surface wants and needs and emotions and come to grapple with your inner daemons. The ones that say "I've made it" but also the ones that say "I'm not good enough". 

Fight past the voices and distractions and glittery jewels. Through the struggle, lies purpose. Purpose is power. Not the fake power of position and money and fame, but the power of calm, and inner confidence and knowing.

After all, you've achieved success. What's it all for? Now you're on the search for purpose.

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