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The subtle art of not giving a f*ck (Book Review - hint, recommended)

I'll admit, I picked up this book partly because of the title, but also because I had heard positive reviews from a couple of random online sources.

I would put this book into the category of 'self-help/personal development' books. Written by a blogger I'd never heard of, I expected that most of the value would be received in the first 50 pages - after all, most personal development books are like that and why would this be any different? The title sort of gives it away, doesn't it.


Chapter 5. Oh, Chapter 5. Chapter 5 is really the core of the book and SO worth it. Those of us who dabble at writing, and read prolifically, occasionally come across stuff where we say to ourselves - "Damn it! I wish I had written that!". Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 has the subtle title - "You are always choosing". 

Background. As someone with a little grey hair, I'm often approached by other's for career advice. I got one of those calls last night. A colleague reached out and asked about my opinion on a couple different companies he was interviewing with. Both had approached him.

The piece of advice I often want to give but forget to is simple - "make a conscious choice as to what you want, and go get it". So many people I know struggle with their career because they fail to do this simple thing - make a choice. So, they end up careening around, career, life, etc - ending up in destinations not of their own choosing.

At it's core, this is what the book is about, and Chapter 5 is the best bit. The rest of the book is worth reading. In summary - the subtle art of not giving a fuck is knowing what you do and don't want to give fucks about. Making choices. And that's hard, but so, so necessary. Read the book.

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