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Move fast and break things... (personal development)

The essence of innovation is experimentation. 

Experimentation means failure. If there is no risk of failure, it isn't experimentation, it's engineering, and you're not learning new things.

Failure is good if you fail forward. If you take the time to learn from what didn't work, and try something new.

Here's an exercise. 

List 3-4 goals/objectives/areas you'd like to work on.

List 7-8 experiments for each of these goal areas. An example might be:

Goal: Work out consistently 5 days a week. 

Experiment: Wake up earlier (5:30 - 6:00 AM) and get my exercise in first thing in the morning.

Run the experiment for a week. Note success, failures, difficulties. If it works well, continue the experiment for a month. If it doesn't work well, modify or abandon.

Now repeat that. Build out a list of a bunch of experiments you can try for a week, or a month. Figure out what to measure. Take notes as you run through your experiment, see what works, what doesn't. At the end of the experiment, see if you want to continue or modify.

Examples of experiments I've run or am planning to run.

November: No caffeine, no alcohol. The second was easier than the first. 

Wake up early, get my exercise in. I've been on this for a week, and it's great getting a workout success in first thing in the morning. The trick is I need to get out the door (and ideally back) before the kids are awake so it's early. I also need to adjust sleep cycle as a result.

Upcoming experiments: Week without video, week without sugar, no electronics after 10, week of tracking all calories, keto week, week of labeling resistance. Weeks may expand into months, or cut off early. 

What are you experimenting with?

What if it was easy?

Giving back...