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What if it was easy?

One of my favourite authors/podcasters is Tim Ferriss, who has recently been asking this question a lot.

You're struggling with something. Saving money, losing weight, hitting your sales objectives, training for that first 10K run, learning Mandarin. You're working your ass off, but time escapes you, the pressures of life squeeze in, and you don't seem to be making progress no matter how hard you work.


What if it was easy?

Struggling to save money after all the bills are paid? What if was easy? Maybe instead of saving after everything, you save first, get the money out of sight. Struggling to figure out an investment portfolio - too many options, mutual funds have you confused with their front end, back end loading and fee structures and everything else? Hard to get much easier than index funds.

Having a hard time getting a workout in during your hectic day? Kids in the morning, work during the day, one thing adds to another and then the day is done? Wake up early. No, not that early. Early. Put your workout clothes out the night before so they're facing you when you crawl out of bed. Go, hit the gym, go for a run. Get back when your kids/spouse/job starts their day. 

Having a hard time writing? Go away somewhere. Put the phone on airplane mode. Turn off the wifi on the computer. Sit down and write. It might suck at first, but the more you do it, the easier it gets. Don't accept distractions.

Struggling with too many interruptions and having a hard time prioritizing your day? Don't wait until you're in the middle of the battle to come up with your strategy. Write down your three objectives the night before. Make one of them easy and do it first (maybe that early morning run?). 

What are your strategies? Where have you struggled and then found an easier path? What are you struggling with today that could be easier instead of harder?

Conquer the day.

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