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Conquer the day.

Have you had those days, where you roll out of bed and before you even brush your teeth a million crisis are surrounding you. You take a breath, turn around, and there's five more. 

Many of us do/have worked in environments where our time is not our own, where people fill our calendars with their urgencies and distractions, and it is impossible to get from one day to the next and feel a sense of accomplishment. Maybe you check off five or six items, but eight or ten have been added.

Here's some strategies to consider.

1. Put your phone in airplane mode when you put it down at night. No notifications, emails, text messages.

2. Write your list of 3-4 core objectives for the next day on a piece of paper. Put it on your nightstand. One of these objectives should be in your morning routine. A workout. Meditation. Writing two pages on your next writing project. Quality time with the munchkins. 

3. Wake up. Complete your morning routine and check off one of your items. Make your bed (there's another accomplishment). Review your objectives for the rest of the day. 

4. Turn off airplane mode. 

5. Say 'no' or 'later' to as many things in your power that take you away from your remaining objectives. Or wait to respond until you've finished your list. 

You've already started the day with a victory. One victory leads to another. In the same way that one defeat leads to another.

Life is short. Live it on your terms, and start by conquering the day.

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