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Review: Arrival

One of the best hard-core* sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen. In fact, probably one of the better movies I’ve seen period in a long time. The cinematography (given we live in an era of CGI is this even a valid term?) is incredible. I love the shots where you see the alien ships simply sitting in their environment, with clouds floating by. The music, and the acting by Amy Adams. I won’t spoil the ending, but I love the unexpected twist and it makes re-watching the movie a very worthwhile experience. Thumbs up, recommended.

*By hard-core I mean sci-fi in the classic sense that takes a core scientific idea and runs with it. Instead of sci-fi space operas (EE 'Doc' Smith series as an example) hard core science fiction writers are big idea writers - Dick, Asimov (although he dabbled in sociology as much as sci-fi in many ways), Greg Bear as one of my favourites. At some point I’ll make a list of movies - 2001, The Martian, Interstellar would be on this list, I suspect.

Review: The Founder

Getting lost gives us the confidence to explore (the nanny state)