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Review: The Shady Tree pub

Quoting my eldest: "If I had a personal chef, I'd require them to be able to make every item on the menu in exactly the way they do here. 5/5 stars".

The Shady Tree pub (or as my children like to call it, The Bear Wings Pub) is a classic little roadside pub near Squamish on the way from Vancouver to Whistler (or more often, from Whistler to Vancouver in my case). 

I like restaurants or pubs that know what is expected of them and deliver it well. A good pub should have great wings, nachos, fish and chips, good service and a good atmosphere. The Shady Tree has solid pub food - nothing fancy, but solid, appetite filling food. Which in this case, is great after a solid day snowboarding, hiking, biking, etc, up at Whistler/Blackcomb and on the way home. 

Service is reasonably good - sit yourself, the wait staff will see you quickly, your food will arrive quickly. To get top marks I have what I call the 'drink refill test' - which is - does your drink get refilled by the time it is empty. Typically they don't pass that test here, but they aren't too far behind either.

Recommended are the 'seasoned' wings, which are a sort of salt and pepper variant. No skimping on the portions here either.

Price: $$

Service: 😀😀

Food: 🍽🍽

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