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Review: The Founder

There is a moment, early in the film, when Ray Kroc has an 'A-ha!' moment. That flash of insight, the realization of something greater. 

Years of struggle, pushing ideas that didn't work, and seeing personally the problems associated with car-hop diner service. 

I caught the first 20 minutes of this film on a plane, and then watched the rest on Netflix. At first, this seems to be a movie about inspiration, but really it is a movie that is summed up by one quote at the end of the film:

"Persistence and determination alone are all powerful."

The emphasis on this is appropriately placed, but also the picture of the leader as a flawed character - persistent to the point of personal and interpersonal destruction. 

If you are a founder, an entrepreneur, there are lessons to be taken from this film - good and bad. Recommended.

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