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Review: Start with why (book)

I first became familiar with Simon Sinek through his famous Ted Talk about leadership. His book, Start with Why, is a continuation on this theme.

As someone who is struggling to accept the fact that he's an entrepreneur, and in fact, has started a business despite claims of retirement (oops), I found this book inspirational. When I sit down and tell people about my business - Sky Northern - I usually start with a discussion of why I started it, not what we do. That discussion takes longer than the elevator pitch of what, but I've found it is what inspires people to be part of the mission.

Inspiration in business isn't easy - companies are by most definitions economic beasts that exist for purposes of generating revenue - but stepping back from that and focusing on the 'why' - the underlying cause - is key, in my opinion. 

The book, as short as it is, could probably be shorter. After reading the first half I had taken what I needed from the book - the rest like many, many business books is really just hammering the point home. If you're a founder, or a people leader, it's a worthwhile read. Start with the video, read the first half of the book. Recommended.

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