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Review: AirPods

I'll start this review with a caveat - I'm an Apple geek, through and through. My second computer was a 'Fat Mac' bought in 1985 (after a Heathkit that was a DOS-clone assembled including soldering by my father and me) and although I've used Windows extensively for work, been a HP-UX/Solaris/Linux sysadmin and ran my own server for a long time, I primarily use Apple stuff at home these days.

I used the Apple ear pods quite extensively - I hate holding my phone to my ear when on a call - I like to wander my garden, pulling weeds, etc while on conference calls. I am often an early adopter and had tried out an early version of the Jawbone bluetooth headset that sucked so badly it basically turned me off from Bluetooth headphones for years.

I didn't buy the AirPods right away. instead, I had colleagues recommend them to me, podcasters state it was the best Apple product in years. $159 USD seems like a lot to spend on headphones to me.

But, after all that - I have to strongly recommend the product if you're an iPhone user. 


A few reasons.

1. They just work. Pairing is trivially easy, they never really drop connections, they can easily be swapped between devices.

2. They stay in better than the wired ones. That doesn't mean they never fall out - but I'm a runner and run with them and don't have any problems. I do tend to take them out when going across plank bridges over water because I don't want to tempt fate. And because they turn off if you remove them from your ears, you know right away if one has fallen out.

3. Battery life is infinite. Not really, but I've never run out of juice. The carrying case as a charger is brilliant, and I charge the case only occasionally. 

4. Sound quality is excellent. I never have to apologize for being on Bluetooth. As clear as speaking into the phone. It won't replace your high fidelity headphones if you're an audio nerd, but for day-to-day listening while at the gym, on a run, talking on the phone and walking around (as I do all the time) they're great.

5. No cables is awesome. Great especially for exercise and other activities that use your hands a lot.

Best Apple product I've bought in years, and I've bought a lot of them.

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