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Doing it differently...

When attacking the market, you want to occupy an unique space in your customers and prospects minds. So, you want to be different.

"Same as the other guy but with a red logo" isn't very different.

"20% cheaper" is interesting to some, but sends the wrong message to others. And what are you giving up?

"20% better" is nice. But how do you prove it?

If you have to describe yourself as 'like X, but different because Y' you've probably already lost. 

Unfortunately, the alternative is "We're doing/trying something different. It takes a little time to explain, because it's not really like A or B or C." You have to put in the sweat work to evangelize. But if you're truly different, in a way that customers care about, you're leading a pack of one until others figure out they want to follow you. In some cases, they might be too late, because you've taken a huge lead. In other cases, all you've done is broken the trail, burned yourself out and left the spoils to someone else.

Being different isn't easy. But the only one you can be is yourself, everyone else is already taken.

Flipping the model...

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