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Wednesday - watch, read, listen...

Hump day. Sharing a few things I’ve enjoyed a lot recently. Starting with:

Read: I am Malala

I don’t read a lot of biographies, but I do read about 100 books a year and this is a top 5 for me in the last year. You know her story as ‘the girl who was shot by the Taliban advocating for girls education’ but this book is so much more than this. An insightful female, Muslim, Pashtun voice from Pakistan, she will open you up to perspective and recent history of the region in a way that is incredibly compelling. I can not recommend this book enough.

Read: Is the term mansplaining sexist? (TL/DR? No.)

Great article on power dynamics in conversation. I think we all struggle to balance the desire to express our views and engage others to express theirs in a way that is balanced, free, open. Those of us who have power because of status, race, gender, and other advantages need to find ways to address that balance of power and gain the benefits of true, open conversations.

Listen: Tim Ferris interviews Steve Jurvetson

Interested in understanding quantum computing a little and having your mind bent out of shape? Steve is incredibly insightful - Tim’s interviews are usually very good but this was one of the better ones in a while and very appealing to the wannabe futurist in me.

Listen: Make Me Feel - Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer

Just fun. Janelle is sort of a female Donald Glover - dual threat actor/musician and fantastic.

Watch: Notting Hill.

After the heaviness of I am Malala, a nice light romcom fit the bill. This movie feels like it was written for Julia Roberts and the pre-scandal Hugh Grant. They get a ton of mileage out of her smile, and she basically plays a fictionalized version of herself, and this is one of Hugh Grant’s best ‘be affable, British, floppy’ roles. Having spent time living in the UK and visited Notting Hill this movie takes me back. I love the fact that the director took their time just letting this slowly unwind, instead of rushing through it like so many movies these days.

Have a great rest of your week. Hopefully you enjoy some of these. Tell me what you’ve enjoyed lately, I need a good reading list for my beach holiday.

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