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Networking 101

At BC Aware Day, I did my third repeat of my Networking 101 talk. Intended to help students find jobs, but also be useful to working professionals, it covers a bunch of obvious and not-so-obvious recommendations from someone (me) who has achieved surprising things through simple networking.

A couple of observations from this year’s talk…

  1. People who’ve attended the talk in the past come back. I don’t get this, but it’s extremely flattering. Sure, I tell some new stories each time, but I literally use the same slide deck year after year.

  2. This year, my session started with 2 (!) people in the room. And then, over the course of 20 minutes, people trickled in one, two, three at a time until it was standing room only. This has happened to me once or twice before in conferences, and I think it speaks to something about conference timing/design. In the distant past, this would have thrown me off my game, but this time around it became a running gag for me and the audience.

I’ve uploaded the file here. The speaker’s notes are the key, as the slides are literally just pictures.

You can see a previous talk up on YouTube here.

Thanks to all who attended, I hope you found it valuable.

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