Based in Vancouver, Canada, this is a blog by Michael Argast. My areas of interest include travel, economics, technology, the environment, personal development and other eclectic topics.

Hello, world.

Start writing. I’ve always dabbled, but I want it to become as commonplace as breathing. The act of scribing one’s thoughts, ideas, screeds - it is creative, generative, helps to refine and improve. It is a purposeful act rather than random. Life is full of opportunities to make or fail to make choices, and this is one of my choices. 

On this blog I will share my thoughts, reviews, comments on places, topics of interest. I’d love it if you subscribe, and if you’d like to provide me feedback please do so on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Topics of interest to me include but are not limited personal finance, self improvement (fitness, health, mental development), technology and the environment, world affairs, travel, food.

I’m hoping by developing the habit eventually I’ll have enough material to throw some edited materials together into a book or three, because I have the time.

In my personal life and career I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to lead and coach people on a variety of topics, and have received positive feedback in the years to follow. Hopefully this blog allows me to share my thoughts in a way that benefits more people.

Start with generosity.